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Vernal Equinox

The long, long semester is dying, and the year is going through its annual rebirth...last Saturday, I was handed a shiny plaque with my name on it, for my work in my parasitology class last semester: the Novartis Excellence in Parasitology award. The first time I've ever won an award like that...was a cool experience. People are still congratulating me. A friend of mine, there, asked me to go swing dancing with him, which also made me happy. Today I dug up and watered my empty planters, and planted marigolds, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers. I also bought pesticide...sigh. Neem oil is relatively innocuous, all things considered, but so much for organic! When fruit seems imminent, I'll need to get bird netting, too. Felt good to plant something, hoping to watch it grow...I've watched enough things dying this year.

Yesterday I saw probably the most phenomenal rainbow I've ever seen -- even here, in this land of amazing rainbows. It arced across 270 degrees of cloudy sky, landed a hundred feet from my car on an ancient mango tree in the ghut near campus, and had its other foot in a brilliantly sunlit turquoise sea. I was glad I was out, momentarily, so I could see it.

Went to the third-semester carwash on Saturday -- dang me if those boogers didn't drop the rag in the sand and then use it on my car! It's all scratched up, now, after all my careful maintenance! Grrr. Won't be doing that again.

Finally have my surgery group together for next semester -- whew! I'm working with two people I really like, who are hard-working, and good-hearted people. Easy to get along with, too. I offered to jump the grenade and be the first surgeon (yikes!)

Three weeks til I go sailing in Grenada with my family! My brother and sister-in-law AND my aunt are coming! And then hiking in Dominica with my Dad...I'm really looking forward to this break!
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