Catherine Fischer (copper9lives) wrote,
Catherine Fischer

Sound and Fury

Morning light
The wind carries the green smell
Of canefields
The salt of the sea
Donkeys braying
Turtle Jane’s has burnt the coffee
Landmarks of another day.

When this was published in the school paper (a scurrilous little rag, reporting gossip and rants, for the most part), it was the cause of a lot of grief; the petty, obnoxious little manager of the coffee shop didn’t understand the nostalgia of the moment, thought I was making a commentary on her coffee, and pitched a snit (because the lame duck little half-assed coffee stand on campus, put together as a generous and money-hemorrhaging gesture by the school’s counselor, is her life). Basically, she did this by deciding that she would never again tell Kevin when they ran out of ice cream (so my classmates have to bug me about it), and telling me “I don’t know” when I ask her why not. (She also made up a policy whereby she won’t buy any ice cream unless she has first called and asked for it.)

This is my reply to her, due to be published next week.

Not an Apology

For those of you
Who didn’t get the poem
Letting what you thought you understood
Like a sticker up your nose
It’s not important
Your quotidian existence will continue
Much as it always has
Your small world is undamaged
Safely circumscribed
And static as it is:
A benign tumor
On the surface of my life.

So much for culture.
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