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Clouds of Glory

Amazing, bizarre day today; wonderful and weird around the periphery of my life, while the core was still frenetically occupied by my studies.

Woke up remembering where my Monster necklace was; wore it today, and was happy all day. I think it’s now my Monster of Joy necklace.

I had a break between classes this morning, and ran to the airport to pick up the book I had ordered online – only due to an accounting error by Amerijet (the only air-cargo shipper to St. Kitts), it wasn’t actually there. So I went to the bank – as usual, the ATM was down (of the dozen or so trips I’ve ever made to the bank, it’s been up perhaps twice). Got to see my friend Anthony, though, who’s the security guard at ScotiaBank, and chat with him while I waited in line.

Driving back to Ross, the sun was shining, the air was sweet, and there was a really good Calypso jam on the crazy AM radio station I get in my car (I only get one station). In a terrific mood, I took photos around campus – they’re up on my website.

Then I actually got in to see the Dean (he's normally so busy he's hard to reach), and picked his brain about surgical internships and residencies – glad I did; he was a font of information.

Took a picture of Dr. Reich in physiology class (he was off on another of his wonderful illustrative stories – I really love the man’s teaching style) – the camera flash came right at the crux of the story, and the whole class laughed. And then Dr. Reich flipped me off! The class just howled (so did I). I do hope he wasn’t really annoyed – I think it was just his rendition of the punchline to an already funny moment.

Clouds were blooming like underwater volcanoes, like billowing steam on a cold morning, like dye dropped in water when I came out of physiology class. I stared in wonder, mouth open, for long minutes before rushing off to gross anatomy (I was late). A giant typhoonigator overtook us as I ran – huge, serpentine cloud racing on the wind, full of storm gusts and rain, and leaving rainbows and damp students and puddles reflecting the brilliant afternoon sky in its wake. And the real gift it left: the best sunset I have ever, ever seen. Following the rainbow home to my house (yes, home WAS at the end of the rainbow), I watched the clouds and cried, overwhelmed with awe and beauty so poignant it ached, and terrible loneliness that I had no one to share it with. I still feel touched by grace, to have lived through such a day, to have seen it and breathed it and etched it indelibly into my memory. Perhaps, when I die, I will die with the image of those clouds in my mind’s eye; doubtless I’ll die with a smile on my face, and tears in my eyes.
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