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My Nips Are Lumb - Catherine Fischer — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Catherine Fischer

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My Nips Are Lumb [Sep. 28th, 2002|06:59 pm]
Catherine Fischer
[mood |drunkdrunk]
[music |Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis, by Vaughn Williams]

Wow. Just got back from the 1st semester catamaran trip -- had a fantastic time.

It was a strange day, weather-wise; grey and cloudy, but there was no real wind, and no rain (cloudy on St. Kitts almost invariably means RAIN). Yet there was a serious swell: waves broke on the Bay Road shore that were comparable to waves on any Pacific beach. But we went! No more postponing. Unfortunately, the swell made several people queasy.

I spent the morning in the gross anatomy lab, reviewing for next week's test. Felt a lot better afterward; I always do, after I feel I've made headway. Had another student, who I studied with, over for lunch -- it was lovely to have company. I dropped her off on my way to Port Zante, as she was staying home to study.

I spent most of the trip out talking with my gross anatomy professor; he knew a LOT about St. Kitts wildlife. Told me where the frigatebirds have their rookeries, and the species of cetaceans and shark that have been seen hereabouts. Alas, it seems that the ubiquitous tiger shark lives here -- the one species I am seriously afraid of. (He said a 15-footer and an 18-footer were caught in the channel between St. Kitts and Nevis. Eeek.) I honestly like the man; unfortunately, most of my classmates don't, as he's the Boogeyman of 1st semester (the one responsible for seriously overloading us with new information). I don't think he likes being the bad guy, or tries to be, but most students don't seem to share his sense of sarcasm. (Usually, I'm the only one that laughs at his PowerPoint presentations -- he puts graphics in the corner of each slide that are puns. Like, for instance, the PowerPoint presentation on the Heart and Great Vessels -- he put a battleship graphic in the corner. Everyone stared at me when I snorted.) He had six beers on the trip -- was happily buzzed on the way back, and dancing as wildly as the rest of us. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The snorkeling was EXCELLENT. Shitten Bay (that's the honest-to-god name of the place, I swear) has varieties of fish and corals not seen anywhere else on the island. Like, for instance, the yellow and green parrotfish that had a territorial dispute right in front of me: two males (I think) with jaws open, mouth-to-mouth -- they looked like they were kissing, until you looked closer. There was a trumpetfish with a blue snout, too, and a shy fish that had the same shape as coral trout in the Australian Great Barrier Reef -- black on the dorsal half, white with blue spots and edges on the ventral half -- with polka-dots all over. I also saw about half a dozen varieties of Christmas-tree worm, and showed another student how to waft water at a feather-duster worm, causing it to pull itself inside its burrow. Being the resident marine biologist, I got to meet several members of my class by giving them the guided tour. Being in the water was so wonderful I could have cried.

On the way back, I indulged in the rum punch -- god, it's good. They shave nutmeg on the top of it, in this boat (the Spirit of St. Kitts). I sat and talked with one of the Ross prep-school teachers for most of the way back (she's had a heck of a world education, and is very interesting), then had to go dance, as they were playing great calypso. And there was Hutch, shakin' it like all us punk students. Heh. More power to you, man, that you can be so unequivocally concise and professional during the week, and totally let loose on the weekend. I must have made a spectacle of myself, in my black seal-suit.

Pictures forthcoming, as soon as I sober up enough to remember how to hook up the digital camera. I think my teeth are numb. And I only had TWO! Ah, how quickly one loses one's tolerance; I haven't had any alcohol since I got here.

But my back feels GREAT.