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Passionfruit Boogers

Having a taste & texture experience: fresh passionfruit, suspended in my favorite local soda, Ting. ("It's jas de ting, you know." Its ingredients are as follows: carbonated water, sugar, grapefruit juice, citric acid. Ah, simplicity.)

For those of you uninitiated in passionfruit: the edible part of the fruit, surrounded by dry, fibrous husk, is a thick, viscous jelly surrounding crunchy black seeds.

So what I've created has the texture of a fizzy snot float with CRUNCH! Ah, but what a flavor! I love passionfruit.

Gave up my weekly snorkeling trip entirely, as I have a two-hour test on Monday in a class I've largely ignored (while preparing for the anatomy lab test on Friday). Having spent the weekend studying, I feel somewhat less anxious about the test, but my back is KILLING me. And I get to stand for hours tomorrow, beginning the dissection on the thoracic cavity -- whee! Must remember goggles and mask -- the formalin is sure to be overwhelming. Yecch. Worst smell in the world, and I REEK of it every afternoon.

No one called or wrote this weekend, and Brian canceled today's scheduled snorkeling trip, as a bunch of hash house harriers from another island are here for a weekend-long event, and talked Brian into joining (he's an active member, but was going to skip Sunday). So I'm feeling somewhat unloved -- solitary animal, pacing the confines of my cage, with no outside stimulus all weekend.

Oh well. At least I finally understand the finer points of gametogenesis and early development. Yee-haw.

Next crunchy snot float gets a shot of passionfruit rum in it.
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