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Words to strike fear...

OK, I know I have a ton of stuff to catch up on; I know I still have to finish typing up the honeymoon and the move from hell and the descriptions of my wonderful new house (and the unfortunate way it turns into an oven during heat waves)… but today was senior spay day, and I’m on surgery, so I was in charge. Had an utterly unforgettable moment, helping a student finish a difficult closure on a kitty with massive mammary hyperplasia.

The student behind me, the one who had no idea how to complete a physical exam of a cat, and who was afraid of handling the cat (immediately asked for help without even trying) had started the last spay. Our awesome, easy-going anesthesiologist came in to check on his student and the cat, and I hear him say “Dude, that’s not the way you look for a uterus – first, put everything back inside…”

Oh, shit. I scrubbed out and went to help her in a big hurry.

I can’t recall ever starting so many sentences with the word “Stop. Just stop…”

This, coming off a weekend I spent entirely in ICU with my diabetic patient and a bulldog who kept obstructing his airway (and had to be suctioned over and over), sleeping in the residents on call apartment, getting woken up every couple of hours...
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