Catherine Fischer (copper9lives) wrote,
Catherine Fischer

School Daze

Well, orientation is over, and we began our classes in earnest today; no amusing politicians assuring us of the gravity with which they are pursuing the perpetrators of last week's heinous crime, no administrators attempting to acquaint us simultaneously with University policy and life on St. Kitts. Can't say I'm sorry it's time to knuckle down and apply myself, but on the other hand, even with just one class in the afternoons (which was the schedule during orientation), I had at least two hours of homework a night. The workload still shocks and appalls me.

Stayed in the LRC (Learning Resource Center -- computer workstations, laserdisc players, high-tech meeting rooms) until dusk today, reading some of the online slideshows left for us by our instructors (and I still have hours of reading to do...!) -- came out of the building and was left stunned and breathless by the beauty of the view. Sometimes, St. Kitts just does that to me. The sea was a wash of silver, patterned exquisitely by currents and unruffled by any breeze, mirror-smooth and mirror-bright, reflecting the collected & cluttered dust-bunny clouds of evening...all in shades of lavender and fuchsia, soft gold and indigo. Frigate birds sailed soundlessly on invisible currents of air, and pelicans glided in formation, heading for hunting grounds. A twilight singer frog started up sweetly from a drainage culvert as I was walking past, on my way to the parking lot; I followed the white wings of an egret home, feeling like I was off in some fugue of dream-state. It faded quickly, as twilight does, here; I attempted to get a photo, but all I caught were deepening colors and silhouetted headland. Such beauty it makes my heart ache.

Tomorrow, we start up in gross anatomy lab -- the dry bone lab -- after covering neurology in gross anatomy lecture. I like this lab (had it once before, in May); the joy of hands-on without the terrible mess or smell. Dissection begins in earnest on Friday, and I am both interested and intimidated by my responsibilities in lab. We get our first full lecture in histology/microanatomy tomorrow, too, as well as our first full lecture in physiology, and our first class period in intro to veterinary medicine. It just keeps piling on from here! My first exam in in the gross anatomy lab in two weeks. I'm planning on putting in extra time in the lab every Sunday from here on, followed by regular Sunday study sessions. Wow. After not working for a year, this is going to be a massive change to get used to.

Start-of-the-semester party for the entire school this Saturday; despite the fact that practically nobody on the island EXCEPT Ross students smoke, I think I'll go. Because I didn't arrive at the same time as most of my classmates, I feel disconnected from them; I haven't really met any of them, and they've already paired off or formed small groups. The second semesters will be there, too: my former classmates. It'll be nice to see them in a situation other than passing in a hurry in the hallway. They've been kind, welcoming me back to the island warmly. I'm still sorry I wasn't able to stay with that class.

I'll also be snorkeling on Saturday, because it's my day to do so. Will probably write next then. Oh -- thank you, Kara, for your lovely letter and the phone card; it really DID make me feel special. You're a true friend.
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