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UC Davis Cardiology Rotation

The bottom is torn out of the wet rag rainclouds
Sunset pouring molten
Across the damp tawny fields where
Magpies hop and call
In endless congregations
Of black and white;
A double rainbow stands
Solid in the brilliant air
Fields and towns painted golden
In the dusk at its foot
A monument in liquid light.


I am loving my cardio rotation enormously. Will apply for residency here. Even though I swore I'd never return to the central valley. Dang, how things change.

Had a cat with a V/VI left parasternal holosystolic murmur with a palpable thrill today; diagnosed on echo with tetralogy of Fallot. No one had seen a cat with this. IT WAS SO COOL! And the kitty (who was a big squishy sweetheart) had lived for 8 years like this!

I love cardiology.
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