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Now that the surprise has been sprung, I can talk about it!

At the beginning of my Public Health rotation, I learned that there was only one week of class; not thinking, I figured I’d just study, unpack, get some clerk duty out of the way. Was stopped by a friend (a classmate from Ross) in the halls, and told her. “Are you stupid?” She asked. “Go see Brent!” Duh. I went and bought tickets that night, and told my girlfriends I was coming, after swearing them to secrecy. “Why don’t you come down?” Brent asked tentatively the next night. “Well… I have clerk duty…” I tried to make it sound like the week was already scheduled, and he dropped the subject. I was smacking myself on the forehead, though, as I figured he’d know I was coming – I’m lousy at keeping secrets (my own, at least). Likewise when I asked what his exam schedule looked like, and surgery…thought for sure he’d guessed.

I was so excited all week I couldn’t sleep, and it got harder and harder to sound nonchalant on the phone with Brent. Friday night I went out with my girlfriends to sushi (and lots of sake), and hung out talking until 11:30, when Conni got called in for emergency duty. Slept a scant 3 hours, then off to the airport! Slept on the plane, rushed customs, and was the first through the doors; Amy and Dana were waiting for me. Damn, I’ve missed my friends!

Since Brent had planned on being at the pig roast / luau until 6, I went for a quick lunch with the girls; Audrey joined us at the Monkey Bar (which alas was out of lobster). After catching up a bit, laughing at the obviously stoned waitress, Audrey drove me to her place, where she called Brent. “Hey, what’s up? You gonna be there for a bit? I got something for you…yeah, I’ll be right up.” And kept a straight face the whole time. We drove up, my heart palpitating wildly. Audrey headed downstairs; I followed, then stopped and hid around the corner. I heard them coming back out; Audrey was saying “yeah, you gotta come up and help me carry it down.” I could almost hear Brent thinking “what on earth is it that I can carry down that Audrey can’t?” – this is, after all, AUDREY – but he was saying “well, what is it, a dog or something?” as he came around the corner.

And stopped dead in his tracks, total shock on his face, his eyes blank with surprise. He actually jumped a little. And then I ran and jumped into his arms. “Oh, baby,” he said “what are you doing here?” “Only what I’ve been dreaming of for two months,” I replied. He was crying. I cried, too. He held me for a long time. “This is such a wonderful surprise,” he said into my neck (a bit damp by now). It was perfect. A completely perfect moment in my life. Audrey graciously went and fetched my luggage from the truck, and put it in the house. “Call me when you two surface – no hurry,” she said with a grin, and left.

I’ve dreamed of moments like this. Fantasized the whole script, the blocking, the actors. And never had the fulfillment, the satisfaction of actually living the moment. Brent kept touching my face, smiling, holding my hand, wrapping his arms around me and burying his face in my shoulder. I couldn’t stop crying. It felt like coming home.

Home is where the heart is. My heart is wherever in the world Brent is.
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