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The ice is hot, the snow is warm...

...which is actually a line from Akira Kurosawa's Dreams: Koori ga atsui desu, yuki ga atatakai desu. A really creepy scene. But I digress.

The ice is thin/come on, dive in/underneath my lucid skin -- winter is a real shock. My skin is drying out and cracking, bleeding, and I haven't purchased any lotion, yet. I'm constantly bundled up like the Michelin Man. My poor heat-seeking cats pace endlessly, searching for the warm drafts, waiting for me to get some furniture (which I'm actually looking forward to having; sitting on the floor is getting old). My new corner apartment is unbelievably beautiful, though, and in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis, with a view of the Uptown Theatre on one side and a perfect view of Downtown on the other. Eventually, I'll have to explore the neighborhood. But first, FURNITURE! Gads, I have so much to do I'm paralyzed.

Dad and I got lost in the IKEA yesterday. It was the biggest store I've ever been in. I was appalled, alarmed. I think I'm bringing a backpack with supplies just in case, today, when we go to pick stuff up (and make further decisions about what will fit in my space). Then I have to face the car dealerships. Urk.

Audrey was generous enough to give Christy Prinz and I a tour of the clinic, which is just as big and labyrinthine as the IKEA... I'm going to be wandering the halls, lost, like the ghost of the damned. For MONTHS. I have no idea how she retains all those directions through the warren of medical offices, not to mention all those NAMES... Audrey should be flying back to SK today, and I am really going to miss having her as a neighbor -- I love that woman. Still, I seriously doubt I'm going to miss her as much as Hillary, her partner, will -- 4 months until they see each other next. Hillary was especially gracious in letting Audrey give us the grand tour on her last day in Minnesota. Hillary is someone I'm very much looking forward to getting to know better, and to practicing medicine with -- her semester will be joining mine in clinics, which is cool. I'll only overlap Audrey by a month. I may not see her again until Brent moves in, in August, since Brent and I will be in Oregon on a wildlife safari externship during the April break. Tiger anesthesia, and how to dart hoofstock! Cool!

Getting here was an amazing adventure. Not just the accident, but the winter landscape, and winter sky... like landing on the surface of a different planet, illuminated by a foreign sun. The photo album from the trip is up: From the bitter glazed wonderland of Montana to the dry wastes of North Dakota to the beseeching bare trees of Minnesota to the skyline and hive of Minneapolis... Adapt or Die, Catherine. You know you can.

And now, to work! Talk to you all later.
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