Catherine Fischer (copper9lives) wrote,
Catherine Fischer

Life in St. Kitts, continued

Tuesday, August 27. Well, the internet connection went up, the power promptly died, and the line went down. Came back up again late in the evening – but the modem lost all of its settings, so I had to take it back down to Cable & Wireless today and have them reprogram it. Sheesh. As soon as I get my printer back, I’ll print screen shots of all of the setup parameters, so I can fix it myself. As soon as my printer gets here. The lame company I used to ship my stuff down with canceled my shipment – I’ve no idea when they’ll actually get it to me. And it contains my school books, and school starts Sunday. Needless to say, I’m a bit stressed out by the whole thing.

Home today with a cold. Have been eating garlic galore, and onions, and drinking coconut juice with lime – hopefully I’m able to wipe out whatever bug I’ve contracted (woke up coughing and coughing and coughing in the middle of the night – probably need to clean the filter on the air-conditioning unit). Hopefully no one will visit me today – I might wipe them out, too, with my breath! Yikes!

It’s been cloudy today, anyhow – I hope it rains. Things cool down blissfully when it rains, and this is supposed to be the rainiest time of year (although there is no true “rainy season”). I’ve been reading a history of/guide to St. Kitts, and have been learning a bunch of stuff – like the fact that the designations of “Windward Isles” and “Leeward Isles” are arbitrary, decided on by the British, with no basis in fact. The Spanish, who originally “discovered” this area (at least, the first people from Europe to discover it) named all of the Eastern Caribbean isles the “Windward Isles”, as they receive the winds blowing across the Atlantic from Africa (the Tradewinds). Also discovered that St. Kitts is entirely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, despite the fact that people refer to “the Atlantic side” of the island. The Caribbean doesn’t meet the Atlantic for another 35 miles or so north of St. Kitts. This moderates some of the wave action, and some of the storms. Rather nice, really. The water is really warm, all the way around the island. The ridge that St. Kitts is perched on also extends a long way offshore – meaning that it’s less than 100’ deep a long way out. I had noticed that one can walk quite far out when snorkeling – the slope is really gradual.

Really lamenting the lack of my stuff – all of my books are in the shipment, as well as the DVD player Pradeep gave me (along with a bunch of DVDs I now probably won’t have time to watch). Almost done reading the guide; have to borrow some books from Brian and Leonie. Brian said that Leonie has a bunch of trashy romance novels – heh. I told him that sometimes, that’s just the ticket.
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