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Perennial As The Grass

It's a phenomenally beautiful day. A rare one. A brief but intense shower this morning cleared the overhanging dome of haze that has plagued us these last few weeks, which transformed the tropical sun into a sauna. Massed cumulus clouds sail serenely against that flawless, profound blue; the frigate birds ruffle and preen on the wing, black silhouettes against brilliant light, a bright fresh breeze. Everything sparkles, gemlike. I'm drunk from the wonder of it all.

I'm also drunk from lack of sleep.

It's official; I am in love. As I have not been in a very, very long time. It was shockingly sudden, entirely unexpected -- like being hit by a train. At first: total panicsville. Bugging Dana all day every day for feedback, trying like anything to get my feet back on the ground. (She just laughed at me. She was right.) And then he'd come smile at me, and the fears would fade like last night's ghost stories. Now, he's so settled in my heart (in this incredulous little lump of joy) that I'm not even afraid anymore. Just in awe. He astonishes me, continuously.

We were taking bets as to how fast the rumor mill would get the news around campus; I heard back from it this morning. (We were kissing on the 6th semester catamaran trip last Friday, so a lot of people saw.) My friend Amy came up to congratulate me, utterly delighted at my good fortune, and at my choice. Everyone knows him. Everyone likes him (instantly -- I was no exception). Everyone approves. This just adds to the unreality of the situation, for me. I've seldom had so many well-wishers. It's amazing to have so many people enjoying my joy, rather than merely tolerating my exuberance. It's wonderful.

Went to dinner last night -- Star of India, one of my favorite restaurants here. Talked all through the date -- so much to say! So much in common, it's startling sometimes. ("I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress..." he says. "Did you get that from me?" I ask, amazed to hear ANYONE else quoting King Crimson. "No... it's this really great album I haven't heard in a long time," he says... of course, I have to burn him a copy.) Storytelling and laughing and flirting during dinner turns into "we should watch a DVD together!" turns into skating into class, giggling, at the last possible minute this morning. Running on very little sleep. Again. *Sigh.* We're eventually going to have to learn to let each other rest. I'm being terribly irresponsible, but gods, it's fun!

There's a full moon party at his house (poolside, overlooking the endless sea) this Friday -- I'm already moonstruck.

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