Catherine Fischer (copper9lives) wrote,
Catherine Fischer

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Mermaid's Legacy


More ancient and slow
Than the heartbeat we hear in dreaming
Below my sleeping eyelids
Underneath my terrestrial seeming
The tides of breathing
The saltwater courses of my blood
Beneath it all
The rise and fall of body and mind
The clever works of hands
Reaching forward, trailing behind
In all the turnings of my years
My yearnings, my fears, you moved
The ghostly prehistoric fish in the cold places
The interstices, the empty spaces
Unspeaking and unseen
The darker current of my inner sea
Oceans wide, moving in timelines
I cannot sense
The oldest, knowing part of me.
There were moments,
In the greater span of it all
Where the siren song welled up from the depths within
Your throat open in terrible triumph
And in the crepuscular light of the failing day
I was as clear as water
As empty, and as full.

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