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Creative Spam

There's a new trend in spam: computer-generated subject headers. I know they're computer generated because no one could consistently come up with such interesting combinations of words. I think I'll collect them, and use some of them as epithets. Here are a couple of my faves:

Torture Raisin
Knuckleball Rube (does ANYONE still use those words colloquially?)

Toad the wet sprocket! My hovercraft is full of eels! Nothing like a little nonsense to make your evening a bit more surreal.

Oh, crap. It's almost not evening anymore. I'm up WAY past my bedtime (working on The Centaur). No wonder this is so funny.

I did, however, learn a very cool new word today: recherché. Adjective. 1) Marked by such rare and exquisite quality it is known only to connoisseurs. 2) Having a deep appreciation of unusual or choice things. I've needed that word before. I'm glad I've found it, now.

Oog. I'm going to bed.
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