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Second Surgery

It's 9 o'clock; I'm just getting back from school. The full moon has a golden halo around it, and is performing a fan dance with the solitary cloud in the sky. The channel is molten silver, a road to another time, another reality. The breeze has picked up, and the lights of Charlestown are twinkling in the distance.

Terra is totally zonked -- acepromazine does that to her. She fell asleep on my lap, while Elise and I were writing the SOAP up for the evening. The surgery went almost flawlessly; Elise really knew her protocol, the hemorrhage problem didn't seem nearly as bad in the caudal abdomen/repro tract, and I was entirely comfortable assisting, as I've been trained to do. Dr. Bruhl-Day, at the beginning of the surgery, came up and ripped out the sutures I had placed so laboriously last week; Terra's got a bit of inflammation going on, and the incision isn't healing (we'll be requesting amoxicillin from the pharmacy tomorrow -- for tonight, she's covered by the cephazolin we gave her preoperatively). Elise had to redo my subcutaneous and skin sutures. Everything I did is unmade.

Poor Stephanie had some issues, as Dr. Wright, one of our anesthesiologists, shut off the anesthetic machine pop-off valve and didn't tell Stephanie (testing her); Stephanie didn't catch it. The only thing that saved Terra's life was the fact that her endotracheal tube cuff leaked, so she breathed around the tube. Saved by the bell! I hate that they test us that way. I'm going to be watching them like a hawk, next week...

Yay, Friday! I did fine in this morning's large animal medicine exam, despite not sleeping at all last night (I just couldn't -- I was too stressed), despite not feeling at all ready. Haven't gotten the grades or the key from the radiology exam I took Monday, but it wasn't a scantron exam, so it'll probably be a while. Small animal surgery exam Monday, small animal medicine exam Thursday morning, terminal surgery Thursday afternoon (evidently they GRILL the anesthetist during the last surgery). 3 major things to study. It's going to be a long weekend. I need to get the paper out, too. *Sigh.*

I now weigh 20 pounds less than I did when Kevin left. I'm not trying anymore, but lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Tomorrow at 11 I have an appointment for a fine needle aspirate of the mass in my armpit, plus a mammogram. Joy. I'm going to be feeling just terrific by afternoon. Maybe I'd better dose myself with ibuprofen first thing in the morning. At least Dr. Seddon, our currently-visiting clinical pathology prof, will be scanning the slides for me (thanks, Dr. Seddon), so I'll know right away what I'm looking at in the future. Hope and faith...

I took Lucien's cone collar off tonight; his tummy looks totally healed, and isn't itchy. He seems naked, now, without his little circus clown costume. It's lovely to have my beautiful golden boy back.

To bed, and to sleep. The rest can wait for tomorrow. G'night.
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