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Oh Shit Oh Dear - Catherine Fischer — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Catherine Fischer

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Oh Shit Oh Dear [May. 30th, 2004|10:16 am]
Catherine Fischer
[mood |scaredscared]
[music |Vada Vada, on Sonnal Than Kadala]

A lump. In my right axillary region. For a month and a half. It's sore, adherent to the skin, and when I first found it, I thought it was a bug bite, and examined it kind of roughly -- bruised the whole area profoundly. Please let this not be a tumor I caused to metastasize by traumatizing it.

I've been told that St. Kitts has a good radiologist/ultrasonographer. I need to stop putting the trip to his/her office off. Ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirate or biopsy for histology -- but where would the sample be submitted to for cytology? I'm far more inclined to trust the clinical pathologists at school than the ones in St. Kitts... perhaps I should talk to Dr. Tolling.

I need to talk to someone.