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Veiled Threats - Catherine Fischer — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Catherine Fischer

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Veiled Threats [May. 29th, 2004|01:20 pm]
Catherine Fischer
So here is the email we all got from the Dean:


To: Ross Students and Faculty

From: David DeYoung, Dean

Date: May 26, 2004

Regarding: Anonymous Letter

On May 24, 2004 I received the attached unsigned letter from an
anonymous person or persons. I thought it would be in the best interest
of the school to share the document with everyone and use it as an
opportunity to learn and engage in dialogue.

I welcome the open expression of ideas from faculty, staff and students
and the opportunity to engage in dialogue regarding our educational
program, our policies and procedures or our living environment. If
Anonymous would like to identify himself or herself and provide
substantiating evidence or data, I would be pleased to give serious
consideration to their concerns. Although intemperate and distorted,
some of the issues in the letter are valid issues for discussion in a
professional school.

I believe that this letter provides us an opportunity to talk about
professional conduct and how to be productive in creating change and
addressing issues. I think that most of us recognize that
unsubstantiated allegations, exaggerations, threats and ultimatums are
not a productive way to address change in our personal lives, our
school, our profession or in society. A professional person has an
obligation to report violations of our standards and policies and to do
it in a civil manner.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss openly any issues in a professional
manner. Also, I want to acknowledge my personal commitment to improving
the living/learning environment for Ross students and faculty and uphold
the meaning of a DVM degree from Ross University School of Veterinary
Medicine. I recognize that we must make significant improvements in the
living environment on and off campus in order to keep pace with changing
times and the needs of our profession.

Let's deal with our concerns in an open and professional way.

And here is the letter:

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Box 334, Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please allow us to introduce ourselves; we are an organization formed for the improvement of the lives of students at Ross University. Our organization was formed only after a great need was realized. We are a small group of just over 40 members, over half of which are already Ross Graduates and several are previous professors who taught at Ross University - all are willing to testify. We have been collecting data for many years. The reasons for the formation of our group are as follows: Rape, Murder, withholding of financial aid monies for months, failure rates of 30 to 50 percent, kick backs, fixing of grades, theft, professors sleeping with students, renting of apartments in known unsafe areas, assaults, the forcing of professors to fail students by the administration, professors who are willing to go along with failing students at rates of 30 to 50 percent, withholding of information from the U.S. Government, threatening letters sent to students by the administration, false advertisement, prejudice towards minorities, failure to inform the students of gang related shootings, failure to inform the students that the island of St. Kitts has an HIV positive rate of close to 40 percent, failure of the school to inform students about a serial rapes on the island until weeks after and thus endangering their safety, and much more. . .

Many of the professors and administrators have been responsible for, involved in, or looked the other way regarding the above atrocities. How will these atrocities be dealt with? We have developed a list of conditions All of which will be complied with immediately or we will be forced to contact the U.S. Government, American Education Services (financial aid), the News Media (TV, Radio, Newspapers). If we do not receive 100 percent compliance we will be forced to drag the good names of Ross University and Devry through the mud. Try to trade that on the stock exchange. Do not misunderstand, we are by no means Anti-Ross. We fully want Ross University to be successful, but it will no longer be at the expense of our fellow students. The following is a list of conditions that will be complied with (no exceptions):

1. The administration will do its best to protect, inform, and help the students to the best of their abilities. 2. There will be no more than a two percent failure rate for vet-prep and the first semester classes. 3. There will be no more than a one percent failure rate for semesters two through ten. 4. Students will be permitted to repeat three times (as promised when the appeals process was removed).

Over 98% of all students who are accepted to U.S. Vet schools graduate -- Guess what the percentage is at Ross. Are you aware of the number of students that have failed out of Ross that have a financial aid debt in excess of $100,000.00 that are now bankrupt, homeless, or have committed suicide? We are and so will the rest of the world if you do not comply. We believe that the majority of the professors and administrators at Ross are good people and this is why we have chosen not to name names. You know who you are. If you were a member of the general public and knew all of the things in this letter would you send your son or daughter to Ross University? Comply and you will receive no further communications from us. If you do not comply, we will see you in court and on the News.

I wonder who the hell thinks they're fooling anyone?