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Start of 6th Semester

I realize I have spent all week smiling, so far. This is the first time I can recall being happy like this, for no particular reason, in a very long time. Yet I always used to be this way; perhaps this is the part of me I've reclaimed, on my journeying. My classes, so far, are all interesting, and the great majority of the lecturers are clear, concise, and hold my attention without trouble. I've been surprisingly happy to see my classmates, minus the few we lost, plus a couple we gained. We all look and feel more rested, more human, more complete (and most of them look a lot more tan -- but not me). Today, all of the packages I've been waiting for finally arrived, en masse. I felt so good about it (especially since my terrific new needle-holders arrived) that I loaned a couple of new Rossies money to pay their customs fees (so they didn't have to go to the bank). After all, it's not like I won't run into them every single day.

Today on my evening walk: a beautiful rainwashed dusk. Through a blue break in the weather, saw the rainclouds piled mightily on the skyline, saw the peninsula draped in curtains of rain. Swift, the rain god, seems to be following me. I don't mind a bit. Rain to soften the harsh burnt browns of the trees in the ghut, rain to wash the streets and nurture the garden, rain to give that sense of comfort, tapping on the window panes. Saw another kestrel, swooping into the canefield from the power lines. Had a nice talk with neighbors about Anklebiter (they called her the "no-name dog", but liked my name for her), and the other vicious dog, and how they keep asking the owner to lock both his dogs up. (I noticed the gentleman carried a big stick, too.)

Got the photos from my wonderful, wonderful trip up on my website. Have decided that Angel is most likely not going to call, since he hasn't called yet; need to stop daydreaming. (Old patterns die hard, despite new resolutions. It was fun while it lasted! Grateful for what I have.) Had a powerful conversation (unexpected) about new directions with my best friend, last night. This Friday I turn 35; I think I'll go out for dinner and drinks with friends. Here's to new ventures! Tout bagay!
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