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Evening before P-day (Pharmacology, that is)

Afternoon walk – saw my first bird of prey (besides the redtail who haunts the airspace over the ghut) since I left North America! It was an American Kestrel – they’re so amazingly colorful and exquisitely formed. This one (a male, I think) was perched on the power lines, watching the recently-burned canefield. I stood for a minute breathing in the bite of old smoke and stared out with it; in the distance, a 5-masted sailing ship in full sail was framed brilliantly against the blue of the Caribbean sea. For a moment, I could almost see this place 300 years ago.

I have started walking, again, after I (accidentally) discovered that I’ve lost 10 pounds since Kevin left. (Another 2, since I started walking!) But of all the weeks to do so – ! I’m sitting here, agonizing over pharmacology (the scariest of my finals – tomorrow), and everything just seizes up…I’m so sore!

I’ve also started carrying a stick with me. One of my neighbors doesn’t believe in responsibly locking up his (vicious) dogs (or neutering them, either). One, a shitty little coward of a dog (which I have dubbed “ankle-biter”) sits outside the gate, blending in with the wall in the shadows, and stays perfectly silent until she sees my backside – then she rushes me. Which is the trigger for the REALLY dangerous, big, unneutered male to rush out of the gate, all intent on eating me (he doesn’t even bark; just bares his fangs and RUNS). I swear to god, if I ever see the owner, I’m going to beat HIM with the stick. As it is, though, I have to keep listening for them for hundreds of yards on either side of that gate, as they watch until they think I’m not looking, then rush me (not barking – they just want to attack, not scare me off). The owner (whoever the butt-nugget is) probably beat them from puppyhood on to make them like that. If this were America, I’d have those dogs taken away so fast…if this were America, someone ELSE would have taken them away, and/or sued him for endangering people, and/or reported him for animal abuse. *Sigh*. Here, they’re merely burglar-protection.

Back to pharmacology – the class that scares me most. Exam tomorrow.
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