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Catherine Fischer

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Tuesday [Mar. 30th, 2004|09:19 pm]
Catherine Fischer
[mood |restlessrestless]
[music |Trance Mission (excellent study music)]

Last night the monkeys sat barking in the trees next to my house; because this has been such a marvelously wet year, the ghut is still lush and jungley, and I couldn’t see them in the twilight. I woke in the dark to the sound of rain, this morning, and the piper frogs singing, sweet and loud. I hope the rain lasts. I’m looking forward to summer thunderstorms, with purple lightning washing the sky in brilliance all night, the ghuts filling with rushing water, the mountains behind my house obscured in the darkness of heavy cloud. Besides, if the rain lasts, St. Kitts won’t turn my water off again.

This morning in small animal medicine, Dr. Mohr lectured about Scotty Cramp, Little White Shakers, and Canine Dropped Jaw Syndrome. These are all real diseases, with (at least partially) known pathogenesis. They sound like made-up diseases. There are times in lecture I wonder if I’m dreaming.

Today is flat calm, hot and still, with heavy clouds occasionally sailing past like the galleons of yesteryear. There are patterns in the mirror blue of the water, as if capricious gods of wind and water dipped their fingertips in oil and stroked them across the surface, an exercise in Japanese brushstrokes. A cruise ship sat on the horizon this morning like a lost city on the desert's rim, shifting, mirage-like, in the heat haze. Charlestown, on Nevis (the other island in this tiny country) looks only a stone's throw away, and will doubtless light up like a gem tonight, like tales of 1001 Arabian Nights. Alas, my finals begin next week.

I got the paper out today! Hurray! It's unfortunately ENORMOUS, so folks with dial-up are in for a long, long download! However, the photos are integral to the issue...

http://www.rossvet.edu.kn/Students/students.html (click on The Centaur)

I have a suture lab in an hour, which I’m looking forward to – I volunteered to be the first surgeon in my group, next semester! Ulp!


It’s later…the suture lab was really cool, but 1) I realized that I need a new pair of needle-holders (mine are too stiff and too long for good leverage), and 2) man oh man, do I need to practice. Fortunately, the bookstore (which carries very few of the supplies we need) has expired suture which is cheap, so we can use that to practice.

My cat is currently trying to lick himself to death through his cone-collar. He has feline eosinophilic granuloma complex – basically, allergies that manifest as an extremely itchy tummy rash – which prompts him to groom the area until there’s no skin left. I hate disease processes that lead to self-mutilation. This is the second flare-up – we put him on a special diet last time, and I THOUGHT that that resolved the problem. *Sigh*. Probably brought on by stress. This household isn’t the healthiest place, right now. Still, poor beastie or no, I really wish I had a video camera right now. The way he keeps trying to find a way around the collar, licking it with such ferocity from different angles, is hilarious.

From: (Anonymous)
2004-03-31 12:11 pm (UTC)

Greetings from the Caribbean

Not sure if this will work, as I am not a LiveJournal member. You write so well, and I enjoy reading about you. Until I know if this will work, I'll keep it short. Dana (Dobbs)
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